9-1-1 Reflective Address Sign Program
By Fire & Life Safety Educator Jackie O'Hara
January 15, 2021

(Peotone, IL) - Why is your address so important? In an emergency it is crucial to have your 9-1-1 address posted for emergency services to locate you. Every second counts in a life and death situation and without proper identification they may be unable to locate you.

Address Markers/Numbers should...

 Be visible in the dark:
Put the numbers on your house under a light. Numbers on a mailbox or post should be reflective or on a highly contrasting background. Numbers need to be at least 3” in height and must be reflective.

 Be uncovered:
Several times per year, trim the bushes, vines, flowers and weeds so ALL numbers are clearly visible. Move flower baskets, flags and other items that may obstruct a clear view.

 Be posted twice on long or shared driveways:
If the driveway leads to more than one address, post all numbers at the end of the driveway and also post the correct number on each building. Your 9-1-1 numbers should be posted where they are easy to see from the road.

 Be visible from both directions

New! 9-1-1 Reflective Address Sign Program

Peotone Fire Protection District is currently working to ensure that every address is properly marked for resident safety and emergency responders. We are currently offering reflective signs with your 9-1-1 address for $15.00. Applications for the signs can be obtained on this website or in our front office at Peotone Fire Station located at 7550 W. Joliet Rd. These signs are not available for residents outside of the Peotone Fire Protection District service area.

In May of 1992 the Will County Board passed a Resolution (Amended #10-368), which states, a property owner may be fined not less than $25 a day, and not more than $500 a day, for failing to post their 9-1-1 “structure number”.
For more information or a copy of the complete ordinance, please contact us by the address, phone or e-mail.